Welcome to the PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club, Tomalisa Washington! Tomalisa and her husband, Freddie L. Washington, have two girls, Jasmin Tyri and Nailah Grace. Her husband pastors a church in Tuscaloosa, AL and Tomalisa is an ordained elder who preaches and teaches the gospel. She also oversees the women’s ministry at their church and for a state fellowship of which they are members. Tomalisa is a mental health professional who worked full time in mental health as a trainer and counselor for nearly twenty years. She also owns an online clothing boutique, is a consultant and coach, and spends a lot of time mentoring young women and working in ministry with her husband. Originally from Mobile, AL, the family now lives in Tuscaloosa.
Tomalisa says, “My interests are travel, personal development, entrepreneurship, and improving communities one family at a time. I’ve traveled to most states within the border of the United States, from the West Coast to the East Coast. My only out of the country trip to date has been to Mexico. However, my husband and I are traveling to Los Cabos this summer and we are cruising to the Bahamas in November. My dream trips are to Paris, France; London, England; and Rome, Italy. I plan to visit those destinations within the next year or two.
“I am achieving success in PlanNet by listening to my success coaches/Directors, staying plugged in, following the PS3 system, and duplicating the process with my business partners. I’m also not a secret agent or rep, I share my business with everyone whom I come into contact. Most importantly, I believe in what we are doing by helping families. It’s not hard to share what you truly believe, nor is it hard for people to buy into what you’re sharing with them about what you believe. People are also attracted to success.

“The way I achieved success so quickly is by opening my mouth, being consistent, maximizing my time, and doing what I say I am going to do. I love this business and when you love what you do, people will sense it and see it. It’s attractive, it’s contagious, and they want to be part of this special thing.

“A fun fact: I’m terrified of any rides at the fair that leave the ground. I stick to the bumper cars and carousel.”