Congratulations to PlanNet Marketing’s newest One-Star Directors, Crishana (Shana) and Sam Granger! The Grangers live in Athens, AL with their two children, Savannah and Sam III. They enjoy spending time at the beach with their family, listening to live music, college football, tailgating, going to theme parks, attending concerts and mentoring youth. Shana loves dance and has been the Head Dance Coach for Alabama A&M University for nine years. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Sam is a huge New England Patriots fan and because of the PlanNet opportunity, he had the chance to experience his first game at Gillette Stadium two weeks after they started their business. Sam is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

The couple has been together for 18 years and will celebrate their 12-year wedding anniversary this November. The Grangers have traveled to numerous destinations all over the world, including Ireland, London, Cancun and Cozumel, Orlando, FL (Walt Disney World), Nassau Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Maui, Hawaii, and San Juan, Puerto Rico!

When asked about their success, the Grangers said, “Our success at PlanNet Marketing has been surreal. We entered the industry as inexperienced networkers/entrepreneurs but our ambition and unwavering drive was just what we needed to succeed. Our children are the driving force of everything that we do, so giving up or not putting forth the necessary effort was not an option. The success we’ve experienced thus far is also a direct reflection of us learning how to trust the process, remaining coachable and open-minded, plugging into every opportunity call or meeting that we could take advantage of, and committing ourselves to learning the value of our investment by studying it daily.  

“Do not allow your fears to be bigger than your future! We are completely confident about what this investment can do for families because we’ve witnessed it firsthand. We also made a conscious effort to understand the value of our investment and doing so has made our posture unshakable! When we share the opportunity with potential business partners, our passion is evident and our posture is intentional. There were times when we were definitely stretched outside of our comfort zones (lol) but in the end, we realized that those things were also designed to help us accomplish our goals. As we reflect, we realize that our most successful moments occurred during those times when we felt the most uncomfortable. We would challenge all new business partners to set their goals up front and make themselves accountable and dedicated to learning about their investment. We believe that learning the product is the first step in achieving success and here’s why:

Learn your product and your posture will change (tell people about it, don't sell them on it).
Learn your product and your conversation will change because you won't be afraid to talk about it!
Learn your product and you'll attract those ideal clients and business partners!”