PlanNet Marketing congratulates Summer Lee for achieving One-Star Director!  Summer tells us, “I grew up in Easley, a small town in South Carolina. Currently, I am living between Columbia, SC and Greenville, SC. Growing up in a small town ignited a strong desire to get out and see the world, and I started traveling in high school. While my friends were buying clothes and electronics, I was using my extra money to venture into the world. My interests, school and jobs kept me from traveling more than twice a year for most of my life. 

“With the knowledge and access provided by this PlanNet Marketing opportunity, I now travel twice a month. I have visited so many different countries and experienced so many cultures. I use the architecture from these destinations to influence my design business. My flavor profile has changed so much from trying food from all around the world. My son and I love to cook, and I am infusing many of these flavors into my food preparation. As I am traveling, I always seek out art markets and local artists. Growing up in an artistic household has made me well-rounded and very open-minded.

“My parents gave me the support and encouragement to go after anything in life that I wanted. I am not sure that they knew just how far I would stretch their ideas. My mom once told me that had she known I would be playing two sports throughout school, dancing, playing instruments with the band and keeping up with all of my artwork…she would have rephrased her words. I believe I wore them out! My son claims I wear him down too. 

“I say all of this to paint the image of just how much of an overachiever I am with a strong competitive spirit. Even through the adversity of having a child in high school and losing my support system, I still graduated at the top of my class, kept up with my sports and extracurricular activities, and graduated college. My degree was not paying the income that I felt I was worth. PlanNet Marketing is the vehicle that I have plugged into because I know that my efforts and income will finally be aligned! I believe my success comes from leadership, consistency, and a relentless drive to win!! 

Building trust and relationships with my team members is key! Everything that we listen to on all the calls from leadership may sound cliché, but there is absolute truth in each and every word. So instead of hearing those words, we need to listen, digest and implement them! FOCUS, FOCUS and COMMIT! 

A fun fact about me…well Mr. Bradley kind of put it out there already, but I am the first female wrestler in the state of SC!