1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born in Findlay, OH and was raised for the majority of my life in a small town called McComb, OH. I currently reside in Findlay. I have four children: three girls (Ryleigh, Braelynn, and Jordyn) and one boy, Mason. I enjoy watching OSU Buckeyes football, playing a round of golf, and spending time with friends and family as much as possible. Before PlanNet, I had zero business experience. So becoming a Gold Builder in six weeks and a One-Star Director in 20 months have been my greatest accomplishments to date.

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
I have gone from a regular factory worker, resigned to working my life away until I was ready to gamble if I had enough money to last my remaining days on earth, to becoming a professional and confident businessman, traveling regularly to places I never imagined I would go to, including internationally.

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
My children. Knowing that I've missed enough of my children's lives with all of the hours I've put into a job that would replace me next week should I stop existing, motivates me to continue to build a legacy that will not only retire me by the time I'm 40, but will allow my children to live a life they've always deserved for generations to come.

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
My parents. They've each encountered their own personal battles throughout their lifetimes, and have come out on top, all the while instilling in me to be kind, loving, to help others, and to work hard for whatever it is that I desire.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
Loving, Generous, Determined.

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
Don't quit! Is it simple? Yes. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it worth it? More than anything in the world! Commit to yourself, commit to the process, and you will be successful. The time it takes to build your business is going to pass anyway, so just don't quit!

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
God willing, I will be living in my dream home that I've built, nothing too fancy, but large enough to house my family comfortably. I will have been retired from my full-time job for at least a month at that point and be traveling as I please to help others grow their businesses as well. I will have zero debt and will be driving my vehicle of choice (more than likely a new, black Cadillac Escalade with chrome trim). The topping on the cake will be an 800+ credit score.